Our journey to Beijing was a long, 35-hour train ride from Hanoi, spanning two nights. It started off rocky when the person arranging our tickets was late dropping them off, leaving a cluster of us frantic and wondering whether we’d … Read More

Cu Chi

As an excursion from Ho Chi Minh City, we went to visit the Cu Chi district. Starting with the war against the French in the 1940s, tunnels were dug in Cu Chi to help local fighters survive airstrikes and other … Read More


Kep is a quiet, coastal province just southeast of Kampot, which seems to be known chiefly for its seafood and the abundance of small, beachside resorts that dot the coastline. Signs as far away as Kampot city announced the direction … Read More


About 150 km southwest of the busy city of Phnom Penh sits the coastal town of Kampot. Renowned for its pepper farms, Kampot’s weather and mineral-rich soil create the perfect growing conditions for peppercorns. Jenn was excited to visit the … Read More

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