Galápagos Islands – Floreana

Wednesday June 3, 2009 This morning we took a short walk from a brown, sandy beach (Cormorant Point) to a flamingo lagoon on Floreana Island. After watching several hot pink birds wading around, grazing in the water, we traversed the … Read More

Galápagos Islands – Espanola

Tuesday June 2, 2009 We hopped off the panga early this morning at Gardner Bay (Española Island). It was a beautiful, white-sand beach mottled with sunbathing sea lions. It was amazing to be so close to them. There were several … Read More

Costa Rica

One of our first international trips together, we spent a week in the beautiful, forested countryside of Costa Rica back in May 2007. This journey preceded the days of my trusty travel journal, and was before we could afford some … Read More

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