Rome is one of those world cities that I’ve always wanted to visit. Boasting more than 2,000 years of history, the ‘Eternal City’ has been inspiring playwrights, composers, artists, and novelists for centuries. The ancient metropolis is habitually portrayed with … Read More


Rarely have we felt so quickly at-ease with a city as we did after arriving in Ljubljana. It was certainly helped by our beautiful, sunny apartment, and by the impeccable blue skies and mid-70s temperatures, but there was something else … Read More


One European city that I have always wanted to visit is Sarajevo. Growing up, the earliest major world event for which I can recall having at least a rudimentary awareness was the Gulf War – perhaps, in part, because my … Read More


Top-notch Microbreweries & Craft Beers

A couple of craft beer enthusiasts traveled the globe for a year. What did they find? Well, while we certainly were not able to taste every microbrew from every craft brewery from every city we passed through, we did endeavor … Read More

Must-have Meals Around the Globe

One question we are constantly asked is, ‘what’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten on your travels?’  We’re typically left with a puzzled gaze, sputtering out a few words as we stumble over hundreds of foods in our heads. It’s … Read More

Vegging Out in Chiang Mai

As part of my first solo trip abroad, I was pretty excited to put together a little vegan food tour of Chiang Mai. Because I usually travel with Stephan, a meat eater who loves to explore each region’s native cuisine, … Read More


Central Mongolia

I have to admit, Mongolia had never really been a destination on my radar. It wasn’t a place I was actively avoiding; rather I’d never read about it as a travel destination, and therefore really knew nothing about it. When … Read More

Plitvice Lakes

Covering nearly 115 square miles of mountain lakes in central Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is the country’s largest protected park area and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to their unique geography, the many pools, cataracts, and small … Read More

Great Ocean Road

Torquay to Yuulong Running along Australia’s southern coastline in Victoria, the Great Ocean Road is considered one of the world’s most picturesque drives. The official length of the route is 151 miles, from Torquay (about an hour southwest of Melbourne) … Read More


World War II
Flying Aces

The Queenstown, New Zealand area is widely regarded as the world’s foremost adventure destination. Therefore, we knew we had to try something fun and exciting in this part of the country. Several years before even considering this trip, I came … Read More

Given to Fly

Way back before we started out on this journey, Jenn had mentioned something about paragliding in Switzerland. When we were in Peru, we had briefly looked into soaring off the cliffs in Lima, but the calm skies meant that none … Read More

Amongst the Caves

Long before we embarked on our [potentially] year-long adventure, Jenn had stumbled across a company called Oxalis Adventure Tours that does caving expeditions in Vietnam’s Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Oxalis has an exclusive license to operate in a number … Read More


Kangaroo Island

A mere 70 miles southwest of Adelaide, and just 10 miles off the coast of South Australia, sits Kangaroo Island, a land of unspoiled wilderness and a haven for Australia’s wildlife. With more than one-third of the island designated as … Read More

Bushy Park

In between the hiking, we went looking for areas to seek out new birds. We had identified 3 places to check out: the Manawatu Estuary, the Whanganui Estuary, and Bushy Park – the last being a site recommended by the … Read More

Great Barrier Reef

Following our extended stay in Airlie Beach, we returned to Cairns for a day of SCUBA diving out on the Great Barrier Reef, something we were both really excited for. We booked the trip with Seastar Cruises, a company that … Read More