Demer’s Ridge

We hiked Demer’s Ridge to Glacier View Mountain on my birthday. Hoping for a scenic summit view to celebrate, I feared I may be out of luck with some persistent, late-June snow still lingering at higher elevations. However, with its … Read More

Doris Ridge Fail

After hiking up Big Mountain, we were pretty stoked to continue exploring all the trails northwest Montana had to offer. Two days later, we thought we’d take advantage of the extended summer daylight and head for Doris Ridge after Stephan … Read More

Danny On Memorial Trail

Just a few miles north of Whitefish’s diminutive downtown, Big Mountain soars above Whitefish Lake to an elevation of 6,817 feet. In winter, the mountain is a popular ski resort. During summers, both hikers and downhill bikers flock to the … Read More

Badlands National Park

With its weatherworn maze of buttes and spires, Badlands National Park is one of the most unique and unexpected landscapes in the central U.S. Here, countless layered rock formations – primarily made up of claystone, sandstone, limestone, volcanic ash, and … Read More

Road Trip

Moving back to Raleigh three years ago and trying to reassimilate after a year overseas was an emotional struggle I never expected. Life outside the U.S. and nomadic life in general suited me more than I imagined, and I couldn’t … Read More

Blue Ridge Birthday

My birthday falls at the end of June. Growing up, this was unbelievably awesome. Even as the snow days would pile up for the New Hampshire school systems, it was inevitable that summer vacation would narrowly save me from a … Read More

How to be an Airbnb pro

Before embarking on a year-long trip around the world, we’d never used Airbnb for international accommodations. Because we’d typically only be traveling for a couple weeks at a time, we usually stayed at cozy inns, boutique hotels, or bed and … Read More

Dog Days of Summer

Sorry it’s taken me so long to publish this blog post. It’s totally my mom’s fault. I’ve been bugging her for weeks, but she’s been too busy working on her TEFL certificate to help proofread my work. Lucky for me, … Read More

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