Sarrail Ridge

Rather than culminating atop a true summit, this hike tops out along Mount Sarrail’s northeastern ridge. A Kananaskis classic, the hike to Sarrail Ridge offers a stunning look at some of the most beautiful scenery in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. … Read More

Burstall Pass: A Kananaskis Favorite

If you’re interested in venturing outside the borders of Canada’s mountain national parks, Kananaskis Country offers a wealth of opportunities for hiking and scrambling. Encompassing more than a million acres of wilderness along the front range of the Canadian Rockies, … Read More

Perley Rock Trail

Located in British Columbia’s Glacier National Park, the Perley Rock Trail is an 8-mile (13 km) return that climbs through forests and rocky slopes until it reaches the edge of the Illecillewaet Icefield. To get to the alpine region surrounding … Read More

The Bugaboos: Cobalt Lake

Back in July, we made our first trip to the Bugaboos. After just one visit, we were smitten. With sheer granite spires erupting from a vast sea of ice, it’s a landscape unlike any other you’ll find in the surrounding … Read More

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