The Best Of…

As we roamed from country to country, zigzagging our way across three continents, we found ourselves constantly in awe of our incredible surroundings – both the breathtaking landscapes and the beautiful spirits of the people we met along the way. While there were many things we loved about each of the 32 countries we visited, we thought we’d create a list of superlatives highlighting something uniquely wonderful we discovered in each location. While some of our favorite things may seem trivial, to us, each holds a host of unforgettable memories (even in the few countries we visited only briefly). Hopefully this compilation helps emphasize that something great can be found in every tiny corner of the world, and that every country has something truly magnificent to share with us:

Best hiking/national parks New Zealand
Best wildlife Australia
Best fruit Thailand
Best local cuisine Laos
Best smiles Cambodia
Best jungles Vietnam
Best wall China
Best rainbows Mongolia
Best city square Russia (Red Square)
Best central market Latvia (Riga)
Best bread Lithuania
Best street meat Poland
Best bike ride Belarus
Most interesting ossuary Czech Republic
Best patisseries Austria
Most eye-catching castle Slovakia
Best Parliament building Hungary
Best walking city at night Serbia (Belgrade)
Best coffee Bosnia
Most scenic waterfalls Croatia
Best lake Slovenia
Best beer festival Germany
Best world capital Italy
Most beautiful alpine village Switzerland
Best hot chocolate France
Best chocolate shop Belgium
Best cheese Netherlands
Most enchanting night skies England
Best sea cliffs Ireland
Coolest causeway Northern Ireland
Most striking medieval abbey Wales
Cutest cows Scotland


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