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Over our years of travel, we have hiked extensively across six continents and New Zealand. However, the Canadian Rockies remains one of our favorite places. We’ve spent about twelve months in total hiking here, and explored trails across five national parks and a dozen provincial parks. From lakes and waterfalls to glaciers and high mountain passes, these trails have so much to offer. Whether it’s a short jaunt or full-day trek, our journeys here have been nothing short of inspiring.

HikeNational Park or Wilderness AreaProvinceDistance
Elevation Gain
Aylmer LookoutBanff National ParkAlberta14.73,000
Bow Glacier FallsBanff National ParkAlberta5.4700
Hector LakeBanff National ParkAlberta3.3300
Peyto Lake TrailBanff National ParkAlberta1.6300
Saddle MountainBanff National ParkAlberta5.32,300
Sulphur Mountain (Sanson Peak)Banff National ParkAlberta7.42,400
Sunset PassBanff National ParkAlberta12.03,100
Burstall PassKananaskisAlberta14.32,900
Ha Ling & Miner’s PeakKananaskisAlberta5.53,000
Mount AllanKananaskisAlberta10.15,000
Mount LipsettKananaskisAlberta8.92,400
Piper Pass PeakKananaskisAlberta13.23,200
Sarrail RidgeKananaskisAlberta7.62,600
Yates MountainKananaskisAlberta9.92,500
Mount BurkeKananaskisAlberta7.73,200
Bald HillsJasper National ParkAlberta9.02,400
Boundary LakeJasper National ParkAlberta1.5200
Parker RidgeJasper National ParkAlberta2.5900
Wilcox PassJasper National ParkAlberta6.01,100
Thompson Falls (Blaeberry, BC)British Columbia7.11,300
Applebee DomeBugaboo Provincial ParkBritish Columbia6.53,200
Cobalt LakeBugaboo Provincial ParkBritish Columbia10.74,600
Great GlacierGlacier National ParkBritish Columbia6.72,400
Hermit TrailGlacier National ParkBritish Columbia4.82,800
Perley RockGlacier National ParkBritish Columbia8.54,300
Assiniboine PassKananaskisBritish Columbia16.32,700
Niblet, Nublet, Nub PeakKananaskisBritish Columbia7.52,400
Wonder PassKananaskisBritish Columbia17.61,800
Dog LakeKootenay National ParkBritish Columbia3.2600
Iceline & Little Yoho ValleyYoho National ParkBritish Columbia13.52,900
Lake O’Hara Alpine CircuitYoho National ParkBritish Columbia21.85,000
Mount Hunter LookoutYoho National ParkBritish Columbia7.63,000
Sherbrooke LakeYoho National ParkBritish Columbia3.7800
Wapta FallsYoho National ParkBritish Columbia5.4700

Canadian Rockies scrambles

If you’re looking to do any peak bagging in the Canadian Rockies, most summits require some level of scrambling. More challenging than an on-trail hike, scrambling typically involves navigating exceptionally steep and loose terrain (scree and rock), using your hands for balance and climbing, and some level of route-finding in remote areas, as many routes don’t follow a maintained trail. Scrambles are divided into classes 1 through 5 using the Yosemite Decimal System, increasing in difficulty with regard to exposure and technical skill. Do your research thoroughly before heading out to make sure the routes are within your ability and that you are carrying all necessary gear. The peaks may be shorter but the terrain here is serious, with a lot of scrambles easily rivaling many of Colorado’s 14ers.

Most of our scrambles following routes established by local mountain experts Alan Kane and Andrew Nugara. If you’re keen to do some scrambling in Canada’s Southern Rockies, we highly recommending picking up these two guides before venturing out. They have been invaluable resources for us in planning and staying safe on difficult and unfamiliar terrain.

ScrambleNational Park or Wilderness AreaProvinceDistance
Elevation Gain
Bow PeakBanff National ParkAlberta8.53,400
Cirque PeakBanff National ParkAlberta10.23,400
Fairview MountainBanff National ParkAlberta7.83,500
Helena RidgeBanff National ParkAlberta14.64,900
Little HectorBanff National ParkAlberta5.54,500
Little MarvelBanff National ParkAlberta13.04,000
Molarstone PeakBanff National ParkAlberta15.13,500
Mount AndromacheBanff National ParkAlberta7.74,600
Mount BourgeauBanff National ParkAlberta15.05,000
Mount RichardsonBanff National ParkAlberta13.34,600
Packer’s Pass Peak & Fossil MountainBanff National ParkAlberta21.05,900
Paradise Valley & Sentinel Pass LoopBanff National ParkAlberta10.62,300
Pharaoh PeaksBanff National ParkAlberta20.26,000
Ptarmigan PeakBanff National ParkAlberta13.04,300
Skoki MountainBanff National ParkAlberta21.25,300
The OnionBanff National ParkAlberta12.22,900
The SphinxBanff National ParkAlberta20.56,000
Boundary PeakJasper National ParkAlberta4.93,000
Gusty PeakKananaskisAlberta9.53,400
Headwall, Chester Lakes & The FortressKananaskisAlberta11.63,900
Heart MountainKananaskisAlberta6.13,400
Little ArethusaKananaskisAlberta4.02,000
Little LougheedKananaskisAlberta3.12,200
Smutwood PeakKananaskisAlberta11.63,300
Snow PeakKananaskisAlberta11.83,100
Tent RidgeKananaskisAlberta6.42,700
Abbott Ridge & Mount AbbottGlacier National ParkBritish Columbia11.24,200
Emerald Triangle & Mount FieldYoho National ParkBritish Columbia13.64,700
Mount SchafferYoho National ParkBritish Columbia19.34,300
Mount NilesYoho National ParkBritish Columbia14.24,800
Paget PeakYoho National ParkBritish Columbia5.83,200