Finding Nemo

Hey Reesie and Sammy – guess who we found in Thailand? We found Nemo! How cool is that?! He and his clownfish family live in a beautiful patch of anemone just off of Koh Rok, a little island in the Andaman Sea (I bet you can find that on your map, Reese). Nemo and his siblings were having a great time chasing each other around and playing hike and seek in the long tentacles of their unique, living home, and they even poked their heads out several times to say hello to us! The water they live in is very warm, just a like a nice bath, and they seem to be very happy. Oh, and you guys will never guess who lives in the coral just around the corner… Gill from the Tank Gang! He’s also doing well with his Moorish Idol family, and they all have so much room to swim around the enormous reef. I guess all drains really do lead to the ocean!

Here are some pictures of Nemo and Gill smiling for the camera in Thailand!

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  • Loved catching up with your travels, having just called Stephan’s dad in AZ to say hello. Narratives are great, and you’ve got a wonderful knack for photos. May your safe (and fun) travels continue. With love, from Stephan’s uncle, Russell

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