Mango Mania

There is really no point to this post other than to say that if you are ever in northern Queensland, eat the mangoes! Really, this is probably the most valuable advice I can offer. I, for one, ate a mango every day we were in Cairns/Airlie Beach. They were absolutely amazing, and cost under $1 USD each. Even Stephan, who never really liked mangoes (I know, he is a freak of nature), is now a converted aficionado of the fruit (well, at least those grown in Oz).

Below is an obligatory dorky photo of ‘The Big Mango,’ a 10-ton, 3-story high fruit along the highway in Bowen. As the original home of the Kensington Pride mango, Australia’s most cultivated varietal, the residents in Bowen certainly take pride in their fruit. I highly recommend both the fruit and the all-natural sorbet, made with nothing but the flesh of their prized mango.

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  • Mmmmmm. And, how about mango pie with crumb crust, touch of brown sugar and cinnamon? Whew. Mangoes. Thanks for making my mouth water!

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