Old MacDonald had a farm…

During our time in Abel Tasman National Park, we spent three nights on Old MacDonald’s Farm. From the moment we pulled into the driveway, we knew it would be fabulous. This is a special post for Reese – we hope you enjoy it! Now get ready to rock out to ‘Old MacDonald, New Zealand style!’

  Old MacDonald had a farm… E-I-E-I-O!  

And on that farm he had a…







It should be noted that the quail and pukeko were wild birds, but since they were technically on the farm, we thought they belonged in the song. And Reesie – those llamas are just like the ones in your ‘Down By The Bay’ song… only these llamas were not wearing pajamas!

One last thing – Auntie Jenn does not know what sound the pukeko makes, but I KNOW that your mom and dad will make up the most amazing pukeko sound ever, because they are just so cool when it comes to songs! Kell, I expect to hear your best pukeko call during our next Facetime date.

As for the rest of you readers, I hope you are all now singing ‘Old MacDonald’ unrelentingly to yourselves, as I have been for the last 72 hours. Thanks for a wonderful stay, Farmer Mac!

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