Our overnight on Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road was spent just outside Yuulong, in the spare room of a modest little farmhouse that Stephan stumbled across on AirBnB. The house was set perfectly at the edge of one of the rolling slopes of Rob & Vivien’s 400-acre property, with the setting western sun illuminating the open hills and pouring into our large window. The best part of our stay, though, was the special friend with whom we were privileged to share the home – a 9-month-old joey named Rooey.

Rooey spends a good portion of his day outdoors, roaming the lawn at his leisure and mischievously munching on his mom’s corn and raspberry plants. His evenings are spent in the farmhouse, where he enjoys snuggling in the comfort of his “pouch,” one of Vivien’s old sweatshirts with the sleeves knotted together to create a cozy sling. In the mornings, before Rooey goes back out to the yard, he enjoys a few hours inside – drinking milk from his bottle, chomping on freshly-picked grass from his red canvas bag, and playfully hopping around the main living area. I was beside myself with excitement that I got to cuddle and play with little Rooey and his big personality, and he made an already-great stay at the cozy home even better. Thanks for the play date, Rooey… we had the best time with you and Vivien!

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