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Well, after 344 days on the road, we have just arrived back in the U.S. to celebrate the holidays with our families. For those of you who have been following along faithfully with our adventure, we’ve got a handful more blog posts coming in the next week or so. We plan on posting some reflections of our year on the road, a bit about what we learned, as well as a few experiences that haven’t yet been posted. We will also be analyzing our initial packing list and preparations, discussing the few small setbacks we had along the way, and providing some (hopefully useful) suggestions and resources for long-term travelers. And for those of you kindred, data-loving dweebs, we’ll also be posting a bunch of statistics from the trip, including a breakdown of our cost per day in each country.

So, if you’re interested in hanging around for all that fun, stay tuned while we compile some thoughts and numbers!

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