2020: A Pandemic Year

As we begin 2021, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on a year like none we’d ever seen before. While the press described 2020 as ‘unprecedented’ or ‘unimaginable,’ many of us chose not to sugarcoat it, instead … Read More

The Opal Card: Exploring Sydney

For anyone planning to spend some time in Sydney, we would definitely recommend making good use of the Opal Card, a fantastic smartcard that gives you easy (and inexpensive) access to all of the city’s public transit lines – trains, … Read More

Closing Remarks

After being back in the U.S. for about three weeks, we find ourselves regularly fielding the same few questions by family, friends, and strangers alike: what was your favorite place? were you ready for it to end? would you do … Read More

Penny & Me

Here we are, back on U.S. soil 344 days after our eye-opening journey began. To celebrate its successful circumnavigation of the globe, the penny requested one last photo – from where it all began when my brother plucked it lovingly … Read More

By The Numbers

A scientist and a network engineer traveled the world. What did they bring back with them? Data, of course! Geeks to the core, tracking, trending, and generating spreadsheets are kind of fun tasks for the two of us. While we … Read More

1,000 Words

It seems that all too often today, we watch the news or read the papers and perceive the world as a terrible, if not terrifying, place. In truth, though, the world is remarkably beautiful, and largely filled with love. Does every … Read More

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