The Official Bird List

I started off with high hopes for a regular “Birders’ Digest” that would round up all of the mediocre-to-crappy-but-identifiable bird photos captured during our travels. That worked pretty well for our first few months, but once we hit Asia, it … Read More

Isle of Skye

Years ago, I watched a biking video that highlighted a rider returning to his hometown on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. A few years later, the same rider rode a terrifying-looking ridge through the Cuillin Mountains on Skye, showcasing … Read More


I actually knew nothing of Lake District National Park (also known as Lakeland) prior to Jenn suggesting we spend a few nights there. She’s usually pretty reliable for making good choices about how we spend our time, though (see also: … Read More


About 90 miles southwest of London stands the famous prehistoric monument of Stonehenge. Though the stone circle is the most well-known monument in the area, the history of the area is actually far more substantial than just the visible rocks. … Read More


Amsterdam’s busy downtown area is built into the concentric rings of canals (the ‘Canal Belt’), which date back to the 17th century, and include the Singel, Herengracht (Gentleman’s Canal), Keizersgracht (Emperor’s Canal), and Prinsengracht (Prince’s Canal). Originally used as defensive … Read More

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