Hadrian’s Wall

As we journeyed through northern England, from the Lake District en route to Edinburgh, we decided to pause for the afternoon to enjoy a walk along a section of Hadrian’s Wall. Built under the direction of the Roman Emperor Hadrian … Read More


I actually knew nothing of Lake District National Park (also known as Lakeland) prior to Jenn suggesting we spend a few nights there. She’s usually pretty reliable for making good choices about how we spend our time, though (see also: … Read More


Perhaps it’s a bit misleading to title this post ‘Wales,’ as we certainly did not spend much time here… but since I’m in a bit of a creativity rut, ‘Wales’ it is. We got a glimpse of the Welsh countryside … Read More


About 90 miles southwest of London stands the famous prehistoric monument of Stonehenge. Though the stone circle is the most well-known monument in the area, the history of the area is actually far more substantial than just the visible rocks. … Read More

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