Blue Mountains

When determining how to best split up the remaining weeks of our trip, we had initially planned to spend a couple days in the Blue Mountains, a range of mountains west of Sydney. Upon discovering an inexpensive, little self-contained apartment, … Read More

Penny & Me

The penny does Australia: If you are wondering why there aren’t more pictures of the penny posed in iconic national scenes, it’s because I am supremely overprotective of the precious coin (probably bordering on some type of disorder). Pulling the … Read More


Our week on Kangaroo Island was spent at Blue Hills, a quaint little farmstay nestled in the island’s heartland. One of the most rural parts of KI, the central farming region was secluded and tranquil, and we rarely spotted another … Read More

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

This is a short story about a little menace named Jack… [Warning: The following may contain strong language and partial nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.] Upon eagerly arriving on the shores of Kangaroo Island, Stephan and I decided to go … Read More


With less than one-third the population of Sydney or Melbourne, Adelaide’s city center is a much more compact hub of activity. Staying in the southern suburb of Seacliff, we were about a 25-minute drive from the popular downtown district. Our … Read More

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